Allan Guzman

Intercessory Missionary

Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace

So this is my new site containing information for my time in the Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace for the Burn Internship. I will be posting current updates and news related to my time out there. Please feel free to browse around and if you feel lead to support me click on the donate button. Your support whether financial or in prayer is extremely appreciated. Blessings! :)


10/26/11- Well it's been 2 months since I've been here and let me say that it's been amazing! I want to first thank Jesus for His perfect leadership and thank you for having helped me get here. God is truly doing something huge with me here and you invested your time, finances, and prayer into this. So you are partakers of what God is doing in my life and in the life of many people here in the city of Fredericksburg. Many people have the common misconception that we spend our time solely in the prayer room and that we do not do any type of outreach but the truth is we've been praying to see God reach out to people here in the city and we ourselves are going out and reaching the lost. This week alone I went to Mary Washington University with a group of us here and prophesied and bore witness of Christ to over 12 people in on the campus within an hour. And the prophetic words were dead on!! People are experiencing the real power of God and are coming out different. We were even able to see people come to Christ in a couple of our outreaches. So we'll spend hours in the prayer room, seeking His face in love and intimacy and seeking His heart for this generation and then going forth and releasing His heart to generation that needs it. And even here in the base God is completely changing lives and doing a 180 on them. Some even came not knowing what this was about and have ended up encountering Jesus and being utterly changed forever. God is indeeding moving in us here and I thank you so much for your support and partnership. God will be blessing you in return for having invested in the Kingdom with your time, finances, and prayers.

As some of you may already know I was able to have all the finances I needed to see the internship's tuition fully paid off. (Praise God!) Alot of it came from your help. Now I do have personal finances that I need to see met and I'm asking that you prayerfully consider in supporting me with this. Below is a list of needs I have in terms of finances which I need met every month. Thank You again for your support! Blessings! P.S. I will try to be giving you updates every week in my blog so stay tuned! Blessings!

Finances  which need to be met:

BBT Credit Card: $70*

Best Buy Card: $25*

Orchard Bank Card: $25*

Geico Car Insurance: $140

Barclay Card: $70*

Macy's Card: $25

Verizon Cell Phone Bill (Contract): $93

Total needs a month: $422

*These are the minimum payments that need to be made in order to be current on the account.

10/25/2011- Fresh update coming soon!! :D God is good! In the meantime there are some fresh sermons in the Audio sermons section for you to look into. Me and a fellow intern named Ryon Peyton tag teamed preached at a conference called Rebirthing 2011 in Colonial Beach, VA. Very good sermon on discerning between False prophets and the need of the Knowledge of God in the hour. Be blessed. -Tico